Automated DNC Checking

Our solution ensures that every call and message is checked automatically with the National Do-Not-Call registry before determining if they are allowed to proceed according to user defined business rules.

Supported Business Scenarios

We enable businesses to continue their daily operations with fully automated DNC checking. Supported use cases include SIP support for IP-Phone & IP-PBX, mobile support for Android & iPhone and SMS Marketing.


Desk Phones, Call Centers

SMS Marketing

Mobile (Android, iPhone)

Enterprise Features

We provide tools that empowers Data Protection Officers (DPO) to work smarter. DPO can now easily implement DNC business rules for all users, review the audit data for compliance and investigate possible violation cases with ease.


Business Rules

Audit Data


Connected Apps @ Work

DNC compliance by design. Powered by the following Connected Apps.

SpiderGate Pricing Calculator
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when you make calls and send SMS.

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