Super-charge Your SIP Trunk

Our solution enables you to easily support enterprise security, compliance and workflow requirements. With Hoiio SIP Trunk, you can easily setup auto attendant, automated DNC checking and call recording workflow into each and every call.

Enterprise Security


SIP Encryption

For customers who need encryption for compliance purposes, Hoiio SIP Trunk supports both TLS and SRTP. TLS provides encryption for the voice signaling and SRTP provides encryption for the voice conversation.



Hoiio SIP Trunk supports both IP and country white list. The IP white list limits connections to explicitly allowed IP addresses. The country white list limits outgoing calls to explicitly allowed country destinations.

Access Logs and Alerts

All access to Hoiio SIP Trunk accounts are logged. Customers can check the access history online and automated security email alerts to customers is activated whenever there is suspicious activities.


Maximum Up-Time


High Availability Setup

Hoiio SIP Trunk supports primary and secondary sip registrars. Customer can configure fully automated fail-over with shared caller ID, billing and usage history.

Incoming Calls

Hoiio SIP Trunk + Virtual Line App setup ensures you can continue business even when your PBX is down. When your PBX is down, incoming calls can be auto routed to auto-attendant and mobile phones.

Outgoing Calls

Hoiio SIP Trunk + Phone App setup provide the ultimate backup plan for your outgoing calls. Using Phone App, your company can make outgoing calls using the SIP Trunk number as the caller ID.


Contact Sales

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