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Our Services

At Hoiio, we offer a range of communication solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our services include website setup, Cloud PBX, cloud contact center, omni-channel user experiences, Voice Bot, Cloud Fax, SMS marketing, MS Teams Phone, and Auto Attendant and more. With Hoiio, enterprises, individual business owners, and working professionals, can enhance their communication capabilities and streamline their operations.

Cloud PBX and Contact Center

Our Cloud PBX and contact center solutions allow businesses to manage their phone systems and customer interactions from anywhere. With full API integration, our solutions are flexible and adaptable to the unique needs of each business.

MS Teams Phone 

Our MS Teams Phone and cloud solutions can integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, providing even more communication options for businesses. Customize your teams to be full fledged contact center and integrate to your desired applications easily.

SMS Marketing and Cloud Fax

Our SMS marketing and Cloud Fax services allow businesses to easily reach out to customers and partners. With efficient analytics, businesses can track the success of their marketing efforts and adjust accordingly.

Omni-Channel User Experiences

With our robust cloud solution, businesses can provide a seamless and consistent experience for their customers using APIs and integrations. 

Voice Bot and AI

Contact us directly to find out more.

Efficient Analytics and Digest E-mails

Coming soon!

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