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MS Teams Phone

Make and receive calls directly from your MS Teams application.  Take it a step further by transforming it to a full fledged contact center and more!

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Design your desired call flow on MS Teams today. 

Already have a Teams license? Make the most of it by further upgrading it to handle first level customer enquiries or convert it to a full fledged contact center.

MS Teams Phone

Enhance and increase your productivity today


Enable MS Teams Auto-attendant to handle first level communications with customers

Call Center

Integrate MS Teams Phone directly with call center. Get Access to call routing, agent monitoring, queue management, advanced analytics, dashboards and more!

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MS Teams Delegation

Create complex use case and flows via MS Teams Phone delegation

Robust Cloud Calling Solution

Use MS Teams Phone on Desktop, Mobile or MS Teams certified desk phones and get access to enhanced phone settings (Call forwarding, transfer etc.)

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